Of Demons

Of Demons isn’t your average metal band. They’re a sonic rebellion, a force of nature that blends melody, aggression, and raw energy into an unforgettable experience.

Fronted by the fiery vocals of Kato Djin, their music confronts personal struggles and explores the darker corners of the human experience with unflinching honesty.

Driven by the pounding soundscapes crafted by producer and composer Jonathan McKinney, Of Demons creates a world of crushing riffs and soaring leads courtesy of the masterful Mark Hindman-Smith on lead guitar. Each member brings a unique fury to the band, resulting in a sound that’s both powerful and emotionally charged.


Of Demons are set to star in the upcoming feature film from Siren Stories, Of A Demon.

If you crave metal that’s more than just noise, music that challenges and compels, then join the Of Demons rebellion. Explore the music, delve into their world, and experience the power of untamed creativity.