We are more than just a band; we are Of Demons, a force to be reckoned with in the alternative metal scene. Fueled by raw emotion and driven by powerful riffs, our music is a sonic exploration of vulnerability, strength, and the fight to rise above personal struggles.

Kato Djin and Jonathan McKinney, Of Demons
Kato Djin and Jonathan McKinney, Of Demons

Our Sound

Imagine the raw power of Evanescence fused with the introspective depth of Halestorm, then crank it up to eleven. We don’t just deliver headbanging anthems; we create an immersive experience where emotional depth and fierce energy co-exist, leaving you breathless and wanting more.

Unleash the Beast

  • Turn To Dust (EP): Dive into our debut EP, a 5-track sonic journey exploring themes of heartbreak, resilience, and the fight to rise above.
  • New Music Coming Soon: Stay tuned for fresh anthems, electrifying live shows, and more!

Meet The Demons

Kato Djin, Of Demons

Kato Djin

Kato Djin isn’t just the lead singer of Of Demons, she’s the band’s firebrand. Her vocals are a powerhouse, a scorching blend of melody and raw energy that perfectly captures the band’s rebellious spirit.

With a stage presence that’s both captivating and intimidating, Kato commands attention. Whether soaring through anthemic choruses or spitting fire with fierce growls, her delivery is nothing short of electrifying.

Beyond the microphone, Kato is a driving creative force within Of Demons. Her lyrics delve into themes of defiance, personal struggles, and the darker corners of the human experience. She’s a storyteller who isn’t afraid to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.

If you’re looking for a metal vocalist who embodies raw power and untamed spirit, look no further than Kato Djin. She’s the beating heart of Of Demons, and her voice is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Jonathan McKinney, Of Demons

Jonathan McKinney

Jonathan McKinney isn’t just a producer; he’s the sonic architect behind the crushing soundscapes of Of Demons. As the band’s producer and composer, Jonathan crafts intricate musical tapestries that blend melody, aggression, and atmosphere.

His technical prowess is undeniable. Jonathan weaves together a complex web of guitars, drums, and electronics, building a foundation that’s both powerful and nuanced. But his talents extend far beyond technical expertise. He possesses an innate understanding of song structure and dynamics, creating a soundscape that perfectly complements the band’s raw energy.

His ability to translate the band’s vision into a cohesive and impactful sonic experience is a key ingredient in their success.

If you’re looking for a metal producer who can translate fury into finely-tuned chaos, look no further than Jonathan McKinney. He’s the unseen hand guiding Of Demons’ sonic assault, ensuring their music hits with maximum impact.

Mark Hindman-Smith, Of Demons

Mark Hindman-Smith

Mark Hindman-Smith isn’t just a lead guitarist; he’s the weaver of sonic chaos in Of Demons. His fingers dance across the fretboard with a fury that conjures up a whirlwind of shredding riffs and soaring leads.

Mark’s technical proficiency is a marvel to behold. His playing is lightning-fast and precise, yet brimming with emotion and feeling. He can shift effortlessly from intricate picking patterns to blistering assaults, all while maintaining a sense of melody and purpose.

But Mark’s talents extend far beyond technical prowess. He’s a master of dynamics, using his guitar to create moments of both crushing heaviness and soaring beauty. His solos aren’t just displays of virtuosity; they’re integral parts of the music, adding depth and emotional intensity to each song.